Here's how to setup a Working HTML Contact Form on Websites hosted with Vercel Platform.

Vercel Platform Guide:

Step 01: Create an HTML Form

First of all, we need to create a html page with web3forms. Learn how to setup on our installation page.

Step 02: Create a GIT Repository

Now, you should create a new GitHub repository and add your html files to your repo.

Step 03: Create a New Project in Vercel

Now, click New Project button from your dashboard.

Step 04: Import GIT Repository to Vercel

Now, you can see your repos, click on Import button near the repo you want to import.

Step 05: Deploy Vercel App

Configure you name and settings. Click on Deploy button. You're good to go!

Step 06: Congratulations! You're App is deployed

Congrats, You're app is now deployed on vercel. You can now visit it! It will work absolutely fine. Well done! 👏

Test App

Now, here comes the final part! It is time to test. Head over to the app, and submit the form. Open your mail, you can see a new one. It will look like this 👇

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