Webhooks can be a great way to connect your form to other apps via Zapier or Integromat. The possibilites are limitless.
Using Webhooks, you can transform the data you received to your favorite CRM or Email Newsletter Provider. Or you can create Notifications & Alerts on Slack or Telegram. And you can also transfrom the data to the plain good ol' google sheets.
Its up to you how you want to transform the data. Everything is possible just by adding your webhook URL to the form.
Heads Up! This is a PRO feature. You must have an active membership to use this feature.

Creating Webhooks URL

Webhooks can be created on apps like Zapier or Integromat. We recommend Integromat since you can create a webhook for free.

Adding Webhooks to your form

Just add the following line inside your <form> and make sure the change the value="" with your actual webhook URL from your app.
<input type="hidden" name="webhook" value="WEBHOOK_URL_HERE" />
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Creating Webhooks URL
Adding Webhooks to your form